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Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry is much like general dentistry which means we can provide general oral hygiene and tooth health services with our ultimate goal being early detection and prevention. We are prepared to address any oral healthcare need regardless of age. Some dentist such as Pedodonists, restrict their practice to young children. Our practice, however, is available to anyone with an oral healthcare need.

The American Dental Association actually recommends two checkups per year with your general family dentist. Whether you’re coming in for a cavity or a routine cleaning we’re here to assist with any and all dental concerns. We are equipped for taking radiographs which help detect cavities and other tooth or jaw problems. As a family dentist using early detection techniques can help prevent future oral problems as well as treat existing oral breakdown before it reaches more serious stages of determination.

In addition to Family Dentistry and general practice we can assist with any specialist which might be needed for more involved procedures requiring a specialization. Together through prevention and early detection, patient and dentist, we can find the solution which best fits your personal oral healthcare needs.

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